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Recent and pending tree removals: (continued from home page)


Stump at 1727 Charlton. This was a landmark Silver Maple tree, 39 inches in diameter, and more than 70 feet in height.( It actually measured over 50 inches at it's base/stump, and its "ring" count indicated it was 86 years old). Inspected on April 6, 2009, The Davey Tree Report recommended "routine pruning" for this "large tree in fair condition" . It was removed due to "homeowner request" in June, 2009.


These four stumps are on Charlton, near the corner of Virginia, and continue along the side of 323 Virginia. These Norway Maples were removed just days prior to April 6, 2009 - - the day that the Davey Tree Company would have inspected and surveyed them. They were large trees, 30 to 50 feet in height, and most likely would have been classified as poor to fair condition by Davey and recommended for routine or priority pruning.



These trees in front of 501 Virginia were removed on March 30, 2009, a few days before the Davey Tree Company would have inspected and surveyed them.  They were large, healthy trees, 30 to 50 feet in height, and were removed due to sidewalk heaving and at "homeowner request".




This Norway Maple is in front of 111 S. Revena is marked for removal by the city. It is 21 inches in diameter, 51 to 70 feet in height, and the Davy Tree Report recommends "routine pruning" for this poor condition tree.

UPDATE: September,2009. This tree will not be taken down, and the city has taken it off their "removal" list. We appreciate the city's reconsideration !!




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