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Obtaining Non-Profit Status


AATC needs assistance with establishing AATC as a non-profit group. Anyone familiar with this process that would be willing to handle the paperwork ? Please CONTACT US. Thanks !




AATC Top Ten

Bike Ride



AATC would like to organize an Ann Arbor bike ride that would showcase 10 of Ann Arbor's largest or most unusual trees. Cam Knight, the owner of a local tree care company, and a former city forester, is passionate about trees. He says he could show us 100 or more trees in Ann Arbor that are unusually large or special in some way. We'd like to make this an annual event ! We'll be inviting the mayor and council members as well ! If you have good organizational skills, we like to put a few good folks in charge of this. Please CONTACT US. Thanks !



Report A Tree



AATC needs your help in reporting tree activity. Please go to our REPORT A TREE page.





We'd like to increase our membership list. It's growing, but we need you to spread the word. At this time, membership merely consists of being on our mailing list so that we can disseminate information about events, progress, and website changes. Please join us, and send an email about AATC or forward our website link to all friends and neighbors you think would be interested. Thanks !




Committee Members



AATC "committee" members are currently a small group of five (four from Ward 5 and one from Ward 3). We would like to quickly increase this to include 2 residents from each ward of the city, especially as we prepare for upcoming meetings with city staff about tree activity and the future tree ordinance. If you have the interest, time, and energy to devote to regular meetings and committee work - - we want you ! Please CONTACT US.

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