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You can help AATC protect the urban forest in your neighborhood by letting us know of your specific tree concerns. Please help by being our "eyes and ears" and let us know if you are aware of:


  • A fairly healthy tree that has been removed ? (Perhaps contrary to the recommendation of the Davey Tree Report ? You can check the report for yourself or we will be glad to check it for you)
  • Severe pruning of a single tree or block of trees ?
  • Stump not yet removed though previously existing tree was removed over 4 months ago?
  • New trees not yet planted though tree site has been "vacant" for a year or more?

Please use the Tree Report Form, below. Include as many details as you can. Especially helpful to us would be the exact location of the tree, i.e., what is the number and street address of the house this tree is directly in front of? Approximate size, condition, type of tree? Have you already questioned the tree crew regarding work being done? Have you talked with anyone else in the city? (Who ? When?) When you submit your tree report, it will be entered into our database for tracking purposes.  Periodically we will post notices regarding these tree reports.     


Tree Report Form

Please enter a description of the situation:
(Example: "A tree near me has a red circle painted on it")
What action do you think needs to be taken?


Please provide us with the following information so we can contact you:





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